Step 6

CRM (Customer
Relationship Manager)

Checklist of Attributes:

Your CRM should exemplify these truths:

Perform daily tasks without error 

Call users to act upon the CRM’s goal

Use the parent-child relationship between data tables

Utilizes the brand’s character styles and globals





A CRM or customer relationship management software is used to manage your contacts and product or service details. This relational database can then create and email invoices or generate paperwork within seconds. This software can be installed on a local computer or hosted online to be accessed via web browser. Common functions of a CRM include:

  • Customer Database
  • Product Inventory
  • Invoice Generator (pdf)
  • SMTP Mailing
  • Event Calendar
  • Task Scheduling

Below is a list of the various file formats you should use when ordering a CRM.

File Format Name
Common Uses
.pdf Portable Document Format Displaying printable vector graphics
.ai Adobe Illustrator File Creating logos
.fmp12 FileMaker Pro 16 Launching CRM software locally
.xls Microsoft Excel Structuring data
.txt Text file Typing Text without formatting
.zip ZIP Compressing multiple files into (1) folder

Below are a few videos illustrating the capability of a CRM.

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